This external hard drive is a great addition to your PS5 — and it’s $70 off

SAVE $70: This WD Easystore external hard drive can hold up to 5TB and is a great addition to your PS5 — get one for $70 off at Best Buy as of Jan. 26.

If you were lucky enough to score a PlayStation 5 in the past year, first of all, congrats. You’ve probably already run into an issue with your new console, though: storage space. 

Yes, the PS5 is somewhat lacking in terms of storage, and Sony has yet to announce an official expansion device of their own. So, if you want to have all of your PS5 and PS4 titles in one place at the same time, you’re going to need to take that storage space issue into your own hands.

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Fortunately, it’s an easy fix — you just need an external USB hard drive. The WD Easystore hard drive is a great option, and can hold up to 5TB of games (that’s a lot). Also, it’s $70 off at the moment. 

Using this external hard drive is a breeze. Just hook it up via USB to your console, computer, or whatever else you want to use it with, and you can start moving files, games, and more onto it. It’s super portable, has speedy data transfer rates, and comes with an automatic backup software. If you plan on using one with your new PlayStation 5, your life is about to get much more convenient. 

Get some more space with the WD Easystore 5TB hard drive — pick one up at Best Buy and save $70.

This external hard drive is a great addition to your PS5 — and it's $70 off

Save $70 at Best Buy See Details

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