New WarioWare? Advance Wars?? ‘Metroid Dread’???? Nintendo’s E3 kicked ass.

New WarioWare? Advance Wars?? 'Metroid Dread'???? Nintendo's E3 kicked ass.

Even with E3 only happening in the most technical sense, Nintendo fans have got to be happy. The Japanese publisher delivered with exciting announcements at its Tuesday showcase.

The headline is unquestionably Metroid Dread, a new 2D game in the Metroid series and the first such Metroid game coming to consoles — yup, this one’s for Switch — in almost 20 years. There’s also a new WarioWare, bringing Nintendo’s oddball minigame marathon emceed by Mario’s arch-nemesis to the latest hardware.

We also got a big time deep cut with a remastered collection gathering together the first two Advance Wars games. If you’ve never played this superb turn-based strategy game — blissfully easy to learn, but lots of complexity beneath the surface — then you’re in for a treat. 

All of that was joined by new announcements for Super Smash Bros. (Tekken crossover incoming) and the reveal of Shin Megami Tensei 5, alongside a wide and varied assortment of other titles from non-Nintendo publishers (anyone up for some Tony Hawk or a Life is Strange collection?).

And to cap things off, we also got a first look at the Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel, which is now confirmed for a 2022 release. Check it all out right here.

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