If you’ve never seen an E3 showcase from Devolver Digital, it’s time to treat yourself

If you've never seen an E3 showcase from Devolver Digital, it's time to treat yourself

For most publishers and creators of video games, E3 is a time for business. Yeah, it’s fun to meet with the community and get those exciting reveals out. But ultimately, there’s a job to be done.

That’s just as true for Devolver Digital as it is for all the rest, but gaming’s most punk indie publisher hides it so well. Where you’d normally expect a major publisher like E3 to trot out the news in the most widely accessible way possible, Devolver gets weird. That was as true in 2021 as it’s always been.

If you really want to get all the in-jokes here — it’s a legit cinematic universe at this point — then you’ll want to go back and catch up with Devolver’s showcases from 2017, 2018, 2019, and yes, even 2020. But the deranged 2021 showcase is a totally enjoyable watch on its own, too. 

So do yourself a favor and hit play. You’ll even get some exciting news on upcoming video games!

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