Black Panther and a big Final Fantasy drop highlight Square Enix’s E3 2021 reveals

Black Panther and a big Final Fantasy drop highlight Square Enix's E3 2021 reveals

Black Panther is coming to Avengers during  summer 2021 as what sounds like the largest free update yet for the online RPG from Crystal Dynamics. There’s also a new Life is Strange game incoming where you wield the psychic power of empathy and several exciting Final Fantasy reveals, including the news that the first six games in the series are getting remastered re-releases.

All of that is in addition to Square Enix’s marquee reveal, our first-ever look at a standalone Guardians of the Galaxy game that, in a surprise twist, will be coming before the end of 2021. There’s a generous amount of footage here kicking off the almost hour-long E3 presentation.

Square Enix had a tough act to follow, with its showcase coming right after Microsoft’s Xbox-Bethesda Softworks parade of reveals. But there’s a lot here to look forward to as well. Catch up on everything you missed in the video here.

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