‘Animal Crossing’ and ‘Pokémon’ PowerA Pro controllers are on sale

'Animal Crossing' and 'Pokémon' PowerA Pro controllers are on sale

Save up to 30%: Official Nintendo Switch Pro controllers as well as some game-themed wireless models from PowerA are on sale at Amazon as of Feb. 25.

It only takes playing Skyrim or Mario Kart with Joy-Cons once to realize you should have bought a Pro Controller.

The Nintendo Switch’s versatility is its main selling point. Don’t get us wrong — we appreciate the Joy-Cons making it possible to go from handheld to TV. They’re clutch in so many situations. But playing heavy-thumb games on tiny buttons so close together is a wrong move (or carpal tunnel syndrome) waiting to happen. In times like these, having a Pro Controller on deck is literally game-changing.

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If you bought your Switch or Switch Lite during the early quarantine rush last spring but have yet to pull the trigger on a wireless controller, this is your sign: The official Nintendo Pro Controller is $10 off at Amazon, and some Animal Crossing and Pokémon-themed controllers by PowerA are discounted even more.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller — $59 (save $10)

We couldn’t recommend this purchase more. A $10 discount on the official Nintendo Pro Controller isn’t as rare as finding a discount on the console itself, but it certainly doesn’t happen often. Adding the controller to your cart will reveal a price of $59 — $10 less than the $69.99 they’re listed for at GameStop, Target, and Best Buy.

'Animal Crossing' and 'Pokémon' PowerA Pro controllers are on sale

Save $10 at Amazon See Details

PowerA Pro Controllers — save up to $15

PowerA’s Pro Controllers have been entrusted by the Switch community to get the job done as well as the Nintendo-branded ones, sealed by the 27,000-plus five-star reviews. Almost every Pokémon and Animal Crossing skin is on sale for less than $40, including K.K. Slider, Tommy and Timmy Nook, the OG starter Pokémon, and a Pokémon Sword version.

'Animal Crossing' and 'Pokémon' PowerA Pro controllers are on sale

Save up to $15 at Amazon See Details

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